1.6/5.6 Plug to Jack Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.6/5.6 male connector to female connector cable assembly
Order information :


1.0/2.3 connector
1656: 1.6/5.6 connector
BNC: BNC connector
F: F connector
FME: FME(Rotating Nipple) connector
MCX: MCX connector
MMCX: MMCX connector
MUH: MINI UHF connector
N: N connector
PAL: PAL(European) connector
SMA: SMA connector
SMB: SMB connector
SMC: SMC connector
TNC: TNC connector
TWI: TWIMAX connector
UHF: UHF connector
b G: Gold plating N: Nickel plating
S: Silver plating T: Tin plating
c 1: Straight plug 2: Straight jack
3: Right angle plug 4: Right angle jack
5: Open
d A: ABS insulation B: PBT insulation
D: Delrin insulation P: P.P. insulation
T: Teflon insulation
e 01: 58/U 02: 58A/U 03: 58C/U
04: 59/U 05: 59A/U 06: 62/U
07: 62A/U 08: 174/U 09: 188A/U
10: 316/U 11: 179/U 12: 187A/U
13: 22B/U 14: 213/U 15: 8A/U
16: 11/U 17: 6/U 18: 6A/U
f S: Solid wire T: Stranded wire

Length M: Meter FT: Feet


Color of Cable

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